Great Turtle Guide - The mastering way

A great guide, taking you to the next level.

Posted by Ashish Agarwal on 1 May 2022 at 18:25 PM

Great Turtle Guide - The mastering way

*** A great guide, taking you to the next level. ***

It's Ashish Agarwal here! My new book is here and this book takes you to the next level although in Python.

Why Great Turtle Guide?

There are lots of geniuses in Python, Back-end and all, although they don't knows about specific libraries. Infact, when we starts learning Python, it will be more great and will cover much if you learn python turtle at the beggining, because it's the beggining and many peoples have forgot it!!

You may buy this book to master your career. Keep reading for more features what's inside!

What's inside there?

Inside the book, first you will learn that What is turtle and will also know to how to view the built-in turtle demos. Next 3rd lesson, you will learn to how to begin your drawing window. Then, you will learn 58 lessons of each methods and about them. After all the methods, you will know to how to make a simple squares generator that generates squares as you call the method to easily do it. In that lesson, you'll make a method that generates square. Next lesson is alternative to the squares generator, as it's triangle generator. Next, You'll know how to make filled shapes in 2 lessons. Next, the biggest project is Indian Flag, in which you will know to how to draw a Indian Flag. In that lesson, you will learn how to draw filled squares, change the background of sheet, and draw a chakra inside a circle. At the last lesson, you'll know to how to import images on your drawing sheet.

This book has total of 67 lessons covered in 100 pages.

How to buy?

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    See you inside the book!!